- How We Move -

A Fusion of workout styles including

Own Bodyweight | Barre | Intrinsic Targeting | Graceful Strength

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meet our leading ladies

Core | Arms | Bum & Thighs | Legs

Our leading ladies are our main focus areas that will be prominent during each workout story, making it super simple to choose workouts that align with your bridal goals!

the big picture

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Get The Body Moving

Follow at home or wherever you love, with our ready to watch workouts


The Power of A Positive Mindset

Downloadable Resources and Mini Series Delivered By Our Guest Life Coach to help you move from a positive place.


Connect & De-Stress

Need some downtime? Relax and de-stress with our yoga videos you can press play on anytime


Try Something New

Dance Cardio to get you groovin, moovin, and sweating! As well as much more for you to discover and explore


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