The Magic of Summergrove Estate

The special feeling that you get when you arrive at Summergrove is 100% real! The venue that sparkles with magic of country and shines with the white finishes of something truly modern. We had the pleasure of filming our first leg of our 'White Honey on Tour' here on Monday and what a start it was! Every pocket of this venue begs for your attention and I wanted capture as many aspects as I could whilst filming our Workout Stories to ensure the very best setting for our brides as they move towards feeling their best!

You may be thinking, who are White Honey and what is it that they do exactly? It’s a fair question and one that I wanted to try and answer whilst overlooking the spectacular views at Summergrove.

Now to tell you about the Workout Stories!

We filmed three new beauties for you whilst in this stunning location and I can’t to share them with our brides. Staying current with our brides needs is a priority and these three workouts represent topics that we have heard to be at the top of a current list. Introducing;

TWO PIECE - With new trends seeing our brides choosing a wedding outfit that is proudly compiled of two pieces, as opposed to the more traditional one piece. Not to mention the ‘Honey’ part of tribe that are looking to feel their best in their two piece whilst on their honeymoon and poolside! So needless to say that the main leading lady in this work out is the Core, with a splash of Arms!

PEACHY - No need to waste three guesses on what this Story will be targeting! The Peach, the bottom, the toosh! More precisely the top of the thighs and bottom area! For some ladies this sits on the top of their list for training goals and I am confident that this Workout wont miss the spot!

BARRE AH HA - I love showing the benefits that I believe are held in the workout style of Barre! After all, it’s where so many of my techniques for training women grew from all those years ago. This Story is an opportunity for ladies to experience the Barre Style and to have their own ‘AH HA’ moment about why it’s becoming such a loved form of training. Graceful strength and whole body components, makes this Workout a fantastic chance to explore something new and possible fall in love with the feel good factor that comes with it!

Now you may be thinking you’d love to take a sneak peek at our training styles here at White Honey and guess what we’d love to share it with you! So here is a link to our Peachy set, you can try at home entirely for FREE.  We hope you love it and if nothing else take charge of bringing about the positive mindset that comes from connecting with you body through movement.

Thank you once again to our dear friends at Summergrove Estate and to Emily in particular, this was an exceptional day and we can’t wait to visit again soon.