Variety & Adventure at An Island Hideaway

Our latest on tour visit led us to an incredible venue that provided us with the opportunity to showcase just how amazing getting outside can be. All our members will know that despite being 100% online, we also strongly promote taking the opportunity to get the body moving in places that inspire you. After all, we can pretty much gain access to cellular data in 99% of the world, so you can roll out a mat in some of the most magical locations and press play. The dual benefit is that when you’ve completed your daily workout, stretch or connect session, you get the opportunity to sit back and soak in the moment for all it’s worth.

This week we did exactly this at An Island Hideaway on South Stradbroke Island. Not only were we able to film new workout stories for our members, but we were also able to do so in amongst magical settings. Boasting variety, privacy, intimacy and adventure this venue really has so much to offer. Secluded yet accessible for you and your guests, you really can enjoy all this incredible place has to offer.

Choose from a private garden, chapel, beach, wharf or boat for your ceremony or reception to create the experience that you desire. Remain calm knowing should the weather decide to celebrate your special day with a little rain, then you can still conduct a magical ceremony under the protection of numerous roofed locations.

We wanted to share our time here with the support of the black and white lens to showcase our philosophy of removing distractions, excess and excuses and just get the body moving. Appreciating the simplicity and beauty it provides, to ensure that when we look at it with full colour we see every pigment. If you are considering a venue that offers the opportunity to get adventurous, creative and host guests aplenty, then I really encourage you to get in contact with Michele and the team from Island Hideaway. The hospitality they showed us was just amazing and we’re truly grateful for having the opportunity to spend a full day at this truly unique venue. 

White Honey