Because "White Wedding & Honeymoon" encompasses the focus of your special day. However, the philosophy behind the space goes far deeper than words.


We believe that every woman should love themselves completely in order to give their love unconditionally. We also believe that confidence is not limited to the physical form. We want your confidence to come from within. Make the changes for you; for your health, and your happiness. White Honey offers a space that provides an alternative exercise program, with an approach that encompasses our values & beliefs. A complete wellness for our brides is our passion.


It’s with a grateful heart that I welcome you to White Honey and I hope that through this letter you will see a brand that represents authenticity, positivity and creativity to assist women as they journey to the aisle. After all, the journey that has led me to this point has been like nothing else I have ever attempted, but it has also been full of incredible people, and no one more integral and loving than my husband. Together, we have enjoyed every second of developing White Honey, and it’s with great joy that we now get to share this with you.

I have spent considerable time reflecting on my vision for assisting brides and found that I needed a way to create a space that not only catered for my philosophy on prioritising movement for health, but also the benefits of doing so with a holistic approach to life in general. 

Time after time, I have seen first hand the stresses and negative experience that can impact a lady as she begins the process of marrying her soulmate. Ultimately, I believe we all struggle with self confidence issues. Magnify this with an event that carries the expectations of only one person’s appearance, and suddenly the entire nature and purpose of the experience can be lost. Through White Honey, I hope that women will find a resource that helps them to maintain perspective and move with a positive mindset. Knowing that they have done something that allows them to radiate with confidence before even stepping into the dress on their Special Day.

We are a small team with a vision well beyond convention. Dedicating our time to expanding our reach and tools available to our ladies. We may not be for everyone and this is ok with us. Should this be the case for you, I truly hope that you find the purest form of happiness in a time centred around love. For the ladies that join us for the ride we are committed to ensuring we can help wherever we can and that you remain a part of our family long after moving on.

Warmest Wishes

Jade Johnson