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We raised the bar with our newest 5 Day series, designed to help you start working towards your bridal goals in the best way possible. This series is absolutely packed with the tools you need to get started on your wellness journey.

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6 x exclusive ebooks

Designed to help you implement change correctly and quickly


2 x workouts

We walk you through the White Honey Way of Training with the realistic commitment of 2 sessions in 5 days. This isn't a bootcamp, it's about establishing the foundation you need to feel empowered to take control!


progressive delivery

Do you need help in creating a structure you can follow? This is a series designed to help with just that. This is why it's designed to expire within 7 Days. (We know life can present challenges so we built in 2 extra days of access to help with this). We will take you through the correct structure to ensure you feel empowered to take full control at the end of the 5 days without feeling overwhelmed.


efficiency at the core

With approximately only 30mins required each day, we built this series with efficiency in mind. This is the way mini series were meant to be.

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